Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Upcoming Film Preview: Grace

Upcoming Film Preview: Grace

This will be a new, hopefully semi-regular column in which I do a mini-preview on upcoming movies that have grabbed my attention. Today's preview is Paul Solet's Grace.

Directed By: Paul Solet
Starring: Jordan Ladd, Gabrielle Rose, Stephen Park
Country: USA/Canada
Release Date: ???
View the TRAILER

Plot Synopsis: Madeline Matheson (Jordan Ladd) loses her unborn daughter, Grace, but is determined to carry the baby to term. Once the baby is delivered, she is resurrected, only there's something not right about Grace...

Seems like a really interesting movie. From what I've read it's hard to determine one genre to put it into, but horror probably works best. From what I can gather it got a good response at Sundance this year, and Anchor Bay bought it up. No word on a release date yet, but I speculate it may end up being a straight to DVD release (unfortunately). Looking forward to watching this, American horror could sure use a boost.


Anonymous said...

I watched the trailer, I'm officially grossed and creeped out. This is a good way to keep teen pregnancy down - eh?

The Warfreak said...

This and you should check out the movie "Teeth" :)

Anonymous said...

yeah...I saw the trailer for teeth too...Grace seams more disturbing. Though both make a girl want to keep her legs closed...if you know what I mean.

Pop Newmo said...

I'll have none of that!!


The M'hael said...

I really can't wait to see this.

Teeth was disturbing, but in more of a tongue-in-cheek sorta way; this one looks creepy!

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