Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Olympic Artichoke Radio - Episode 2

OA Radio Episode 2

This week we discuss three more films. This week's episode comes in at under an hour, so you can listen to it on your lunch break! Tune in, you just might enjoy it.

Movies Discussed:

Army of Shadows - d. Jean-Pierre Melville - 1969
Streets of Fire - d. Walter Hill - 1984
Perfect Blue - d. Satoshi Kon - 1997

Music Used in the Episode:

OA Theme - Bryan
Cherokee - Europe
Stand by Him - Ghost
White Cigarettes - P-Model
Streets of Fire - Bruce Springsteen
OA Closing Theme - Bryan

You can download episode two by clicking this link: OA Radio - Episode 2. Remember that you can subscribe to us in iTunes (either do a search, or click the link at the right), and leave us a five star review while you are there!

Music Used in the Episode:
  1. OA Theme - Bryan
  2. Cherokee - Europe
  3. Stand by Him - Ghost
  4. White Cigarettes - P-Model
  5. Streets of Fire - Bruce Springsteen
  6. OA Closing Theme - Bryan

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