Saturday, August 11, 2007

Top 15 List of the Week

Top 15 Baseball Players (26 and Under)

This is a little bit different of a "top" list. What I'm really doing here is making a team of the top baseball players currently playing that are age 26 and under. It's a top 15 list because I'm taking 8 positional players, 1 DH, 5 starting pitchers, and 1 closer to comprise the best team of young players that I possibly can. So, here it is:

1B: Prince Fielder - Has played one full (almost two) seasons, is 23 years old, and is poised to be a legit powerhitting lefty. He'd got 35 homers so far this season, and hit a solid 28 in his rookie year.

2B: BJ Upton - The (almost) 23 year old Devil Ray has a career .288 avg with 21 dingers in what amounts to a season and a half. His power numbers are coming up and he is pretty versatile.

SS: Jose Reyes - 24 year old switch-hitter for the Mets, Reyes has a career .289 avg with 210 stolen bases in what basically works out to three and a half seasons of play. Kid is good.

3B: David Wright - He's 24 years old, plays solid defense, and has a career .305 with 87 taters and 329 RBI in what's almost 4 seasons of play.

C: Russell Martin - The 24 year old Dodger is among the league's best catchers. In what's almost 2 seasons of play, he's batting .290 with 22 homers and 133 RBI.

OF: Carl Crawford - In about 5 and a half seasons, the 26 year old Crawford has posted a career .295 with 264 stolen bases and 137 doubles. He's also got a .331 OBP and 468 runs scored. And he's very fast.

OF: Grady Sizemore - 25 years old, gold glove defense, and in what's almost three and a half season, he has a career .283, 245 RBI, 73 HRs, and 119 doubles.

OF: Jeff Francoeur - In what's almsot two and a half seasons, he's hitting .283 with 223 RBI and 56 homers.

DH: Miguel Cabrera - He's 24 years old and, in what's almost 4 and a half seasons of play, has racked up 132 homers with a great .314 career batting average.

SP: Justin Verlander - 24 years old. 284 SO with 3.74 ERA and 28 wins. Verlander

SP: Jake Peavy - 26 years old. 1009(!) SO with 3.32 ERA and 69 wins.

SP: Dan Haren - 26 years old. 541 SO with 3.75 ERA and 47 wins.

SP: Dontrelle Willis - 25 years old. 709 SO with 3.67 ERA and 65 wins.

SP: Francisco Liriano - This assumes he'll be the same after surgery. 23 years old. 177 SO with 2.74 ERA and 13 wins (in what amounts to one season).

CL: Jonathan Papelbon - 26 years old. 168 SO with a 1.64 (!) ERA and 61 saves.

Please note these players are too old: Chase Utley (28), CC Sabathia (27), Josh Beckett (27), Ryan Howard (27), Matt Holliday (27), Albert Pujols (27)

- Jordan M.
Commerce, TX


Pop Newmo said...

Ryan Braun, Hunter Pence, Troy Tulowitzki, and all those cats will be knocking on the door to this team by the middle of next year. You'll see.

Jordan M. said...

Shee-eet. You can make a strong case for Braun right now. But, we gotta give him some time. Lots of rookies of the year never lived up to their first season again (Todd Hollandsworth, Bob Hamelin, Pat Listach, Marty Cordova, etc.)

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