Sunday, August 26, 2007

Top 15 List of the Week

Top 15 Upcoming DVDs

Coming Sept. 18

Don't know what to buy? I'll help you. This is a list of the next fifteen standard definition DVDs that you should snag.

1. Warner Director's Series: Stanley Kubrick Collection - 10/23 - This boxset is gonna be great. Finally, Warner is giving Kubrick his due with these special editions, which includes 10 discs, housing Eyes Wide Shut, Full Metal Jacket, 2001, The Shining, and A Clockwork Orange. Plus a whole slew of special features and what have yous.

2. Twin Peaks: Definitive Gold Box Collection - 10/30 - Finally season two of David Lynch's surreal TV series is being released. And not only that, it's coming in a box with the first season and with the as of yet only available in bootleg and other regions pilot episode of the series.

3. From Beyond: Director's Cut - 9/11 - One of the unreleased Stuart Gordon's (Re-Animator)Lovecraft adaptations. Stars the always amazing Jeffrey Combs! This thing has been in production/release limbo for a long, long time now.

4. Vincent Price: MGM Scream Legends Collection - 9/11 - Vincent Price. 'Nuff said.

5. Blade Runner: Ultimate Collector's Set - 12/18 - This is a crazy huge set for Ridley Scott's best film. Five discs of Blade Runner, which includes all of the variations of the film. Fan boys are salivating.

6. The Roger Corman Collection - 9/18 - Corman is the king of the B picture, and this set includes cult classics like A Bucket of Blood and The Trip (plus tons more)

7.Breathless: Criterion Collection - 10/23 - Considered by many to be Godard's best film, Breathless finally gets the Criterion treatment.

8. Knocked Up: 2-Disc Unrated - 9/25 - Hilarious Judd Apatow film that, even with its fairly long running time for a comedy, left me wanting more. Hopefully, will get more in this two disc set.

9. Days of Heaven: Criterion Collection - 10/23 - Mallick only directs like one film a decade, and this is supposed to be his best one. Can't wait to see it.

10. Cruising - 9/18 - Possibly Friedkin's last great film, this one stars Al Pacino as undercover cop posing a a homosexual!

11. Someone's Watching Me - 9/25 - Early Carpenter. All Carpenter is good Carpenter (even Ghosts of Mars), so I'm looking forward to watching this one.

12. Commando: Director's Cut - 9/18 - A director's cut of Commando? You know you want to see that.

13. Masters of Horror: Season 1 - 8/28 - Haha. You all bought them seperately, but here they are in one big box set. Jokes on you.

14. Witchfinder General - 9/11 - Vincent Price on a witchhunt. This is one of the latest in the newly resurrected MGM Midnight Movies series.

15. Night on Earth: Criterion Collection - 9/4 - Probably Jim Jarmusch's most acclaimed film, this one is ripe for a Criterion release.

I'm elated, because the next few weeks of releases are genre-fanboy heaven. MGM has brought back their Midnight Movies series, Blue Underground is gonna re-release a bunch of Anchor Bay's back catalog (as they are prone to do), and there are just all kinds of great releases coming out. Excellent.

- Jordan M.
Commerce, TX

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