Friday, February 1, 2013

Olympic Artichoke Radio - Episode Fifteen

We are back with Episode Fifteen. This week we talk about the movies The Babysitter and Disorderlies. Bryan also talks a little bit about the soundtrack to the much maligned Gutterballs, and tells you why it's the saving grace for an otherwise bad movie.

Disorderlies (1987) - d. Michael Schultz - Starring: Mark Morales, Darren Robinson, Damon Wimbley, Anthony Geary, Ralph Bellamy

The Babysitter (1995) - d. Guy Ferland - Starring:  Alicia Silverstone, Nicky Katt, Jeremy London, JT Walsh

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Music used in this episode:

Bryon - OA Theme
Giani Rossi (Steve Moore) - Party Time
Giani Rossi (Steve Moore) - Seven Ten Split
Fatboys - Fat Boys Dance
Bryon - OA Closing Theme

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