Saturday, November 3, 2007

Top Ten List

Top Ten Canadians

Yeah, that's right. Those crazy Canucks get a lot of crap, but there are some good ones, too! Let's take a look.

10. Ivan Reitman - Director of Ghost Busters, Stripes, and...umm...Kindergarten Cop!

9. Guy Maddin - Director of The Saddest Music in the World

8. Frederick Banting - He discovered insulin!

7. Leonard Cohen - Singer/Songwriter

6. Wayne Gretzky - The Great One

5. Phil Hartman - He is sorely missed

4. Ferguson Jenkins - Hall of Fame pitcher

3. Neil Young - Singer/Songwriter best known for being better than you

2. Wolverine - Weapon X

1. David Cronenberg - Director of The Brood, A History of Violence, and Videodrome

Sorry, Corey Hart just didn't make the cut.

- Jordan M.
Commerce, TX

1 comment:

don piano said...

alex trebek is my favorite canadian.

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