Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Olympic Artichoke Radio Episode 31

We are back after a short hiatus. We didn't get to Tremors: The Series this Tremors July, so we will be doing that NEXT TREMORS JULY. Get excited now, folks. Today we are getting back to normal. We are discussing a cheapie Texas movie from 2008, Blood on the Highway, and Assault Girls coming to us all the way from somewhere in Asia. Probably. I haven't looked at it yet.

Blood on the Highway (2008) - d. Barak Epstein & Blair Rowan, starring Deva George, Nate Rubin, Robin Gierhart

Assault Girls (2010) - d. Mamoru Oshii, starring Yoshikazu Fujiki, Rink Kikuchi, Meisa Kuroki

So. Do yourselves a favor. Download that thing now: CLICK HERE FOR THE EPISODE

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Song used in this episode: Steak Number Eight - Trapped
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