Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving/Clip of the Week


- Jordan M.
Sulphur Springs, TX

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Clip of the Week

Sega CD Commercial

Remember this?

- Jordan M.
Sulphur Springs, TX

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Top Ten List of the Week

With baseball season being over, I am grasping at straws to keep some semblance the game around for the winter months. Basically that just means talking about it as much as possible. Luckily they are still doing all the award announcing so that keeps it fresh. But, this post is about something that Pop Newmo and I talked about a little while ago. We all know that there aren't very many Captains in baseball anymore. There are three, to be exact, Jeter, Konerko, and Varitek. We all understand with the volatility of the market how hard it is to keep a guy in your city for long enough to make them captain, but this is a list of guys that deserve to wear the C on their uniform.

10. Khalil Greene - San Diego Padres - Khalil is going into his sixth season with the Padres this coming season, his numbers aren't necessarily there, but clubhouse presence has to count for a lot. Plus how many other players are going to actually stick around in San Diego?

9. Jimmy Rollins - Philadelphia Phillies - Jimmy has been with the team eight years, just earned himself a ring, and is all around a phenomenal baseball player. I think he gets it by default.

8.Derek Lee - Chicago Cubs - Lee may not be a lifer, but he's been with the Cubbies for five seasons now, and he is arguably the most valuable player on that team. With a career line that looks like a .282 avg, 1538 hits, 258 homeruns, and 828 (not too mention gold glove defense), I'd take him as my captain.

7.Carl Crawford - Tampa Bay Rays - He's been with the team since their inception (seven years ago) and has consistently been very good. He's a career .292 hitter with 302 stolen bases and 1111 hits. Not too shabby.

6. Justin Morneau - Minnesota Twins - This Canuck has been with the Twins for five seasons now, and hits .281 for his career with 133 dingers. Not just super impressive, but pretty good, especially in comparisson with the rest of his team. Now, if we give Mauer a few more seasons, he may usurp this mantle, but I'd give it to Morneau right now.

5. Vernon Wells - Toronto Blue Jays - This coming season will make one decade with the Jays for Wells, and he has strung out some decent numbers during his duration. He's a career .283 hitter (actually posting .300 this season!) with 1204 hits and 177 homers. Not shabby, and definitely the Blue Jay with the most longevity.

4. Lance Berkman - Houston Astros - Definitely the brightest spot on the Astros squad, Berkman has been with the 'stros for a decade, and really seems to just be getting better.

3. Michael Young - Texas Rangers - Again, his tenure isn't really there, but he is one of the oldest guys on the team (at 32) and we have him locked up for a longgg time. Plus, he's a really good, old school style ballplayer. Got his first Gold Glove this year to boot!

2. Albert Pujols - St. Louis Cardinals - He may not be tenured enough quite yet, but being the best baseball player on the planet has to count for something. Is he a Cards lifer? Only time will tell. Oh yeah, and congrats on another MVP as well!

1. Chipper Jones - Atlanta Braves - He's the best player on the team, and has been for years and years. I really don't think he's going anywhere.

- Jordan M.
Sulphur Springs, TX

Friday, November 7, 2008

Clip of the Week

Manny Being Manny

This is the unaired Manny being Manny commercial for Sportscenter. Check it out.

- Jordan M.
Sulphur Springs, TX

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

A Review - A Retrospective

First of all, I want to say welcome to the future. And a hearty welcome to President Elect Obama. Now, I don't want to make this post a political one, so let's move on from there, I just had to say it...

I took the girlfriend to watch Kevin Smith's latest film, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, over the weekend. And it was 101 minutes well spent. We actually both enjoyed it. It may not have been Kevin Smith's triumphant re-entry into the world of American cinema, but it was a fun, clever film that made you feel damn good about the world.

Like I said, it wasn't Clerks or Mallrats or Chasing Amy, but nor was it (thankfully) Jay and Silent Bob or Jersey Girl. What it was was startlingly fresh from Smith. No New Jersey or View Askewniverse to hold him back, he's broken out of his box. He's finally made another good movie that stands on its own merit. It's also not "nerd-centric", meaning you don't have to be a total geek to enjoy it. Yeah, there are still a few little nuggets there for ya ifin' you are a nerd, but it's no where near as in your face as some of Smith's previous work. Which, I think, is good, even though I am one of the nerds that eat that shit up.

As far as plot, go ahead and throw that one out the window. The third act, especially, is incredibly trite and you've seen it a thousand times. And while that does detract from the value of the movie, it's not nearly as much as if someone else had written it. Did Clerks have any kind of discernible plot? Nah. Luckily Smith is capable enough to make the mundane entertaining and the trite still funny.

I also really dug the soundtrack. The film starts out with Winona's Big Brown Beaver (Primus), which is a totally rad way to start out anything. Then we get treated to the sweet sounds of Live and MC Chris. Not too mention great usage of Pixies' "Hey". Really cool stuff in that department.

I'll tell ya, Smith directing Seth Rogen is like a cream dream. Newmo and I were talking, and I told him that I was no longer into actors in the same sense I used to be. What I mean by that is that there aren't any actors (save for my beloved genre actors - Bruce, there is always room for you) that when they put out a new film, I say to myself, "Damn, Keanu Reeves has a new film! Let's go!". But, I was wrong. Seth Rogen is that guy. I love everything that he has done since and including Freaks and Geeks. The guy is money. And this brings me to my next point: there have been a crap ton of comedies that I absolutely love come out over the last three years.

Now, these movies may not ever be enshrined with the greatest comedies of all time (see: Annie Hall/It Happened One Night), but they are so damn funny that I can watch and re-watch them. Here are the movies that I am building my case around: Knocked Up, Superbad, Hot Fuzz, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Pineapple Express, and, yes, Forgetting Sarah Marshall (admittedly the weakest of the lot, but I have a soft spot for it). These movies make me feel good. And, it's in no small part due to the comedic genius of Judd Apatow and his great eye for comedic starpower. Of course, Hot Fuzz has nothing to do with him, but it is simply awesome.

The problem: I've seen this happen before. Most recently, the case of Stiller/Ferrell/Wilson(s)/Vaughn (before that with the SNL group, before that with the SNL group before them). Yeah. You got burnt out on them, too. I loved Old School. It was to Ghostbusters (minus the ghosts) what American Pie was to Porky's. a great throw-back, dude-oriented, romp in immaturity. Next, in the list of good, came Anchorman (which Rogen was in, briefly), which I liked quite a bit, and then...a rapid decline into WTF?-dom.

I really hope this doesn't happen to the current Kings of Comedy. Rogen, Apatow, Jason Segel, and that little bastard Jonah Hill. Really looking forward to Funny People - Apatow's (written/directed by) new one that stars Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen, with the RZA thrown in for good measure. Niiice.

7.0 out of 10

- Jordan M.
Sulphur Springs, TX
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