Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cool Swag

Cool Swag: Last Exit to Nowhere

Last Exit to Nowhere is an exceedingly cool British company that make t-shirts after logos, places, or companies from your favorite films. Looking for something a little more interesting than a picture of Jason on your shirt? Check out the Camp Crystal Lake shirt. Want to really test people's film knowledge? Grab this Dapper Dan shirt. There's a lot of cool stuff to be found on the site.

Last Exit to Nowhere
The negative? The price. The shirts are £18.00 a piece, which is roughly $27.50 American. Plus shipping. So, obviously poor as I am, I haven't bought any shirts from this company. Don't know how their customer service is or anything, but I do know that the designs are totally rad.


sarah jizzle said...

dude. of course it's exceedingly cool, it's british. GUH!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool post.

The Warfreak said...

Thanks, Uark. And Sarah, you and Matt need to sign yo asses up as followers and on the forum. It's the bomb!

wiec? said...

this is a great place to get a cool shirt. i bought a Nostromo one a little while back. the shirts are a bit steep but worth it.

ps- yer Thanos default is friggin great.

The Warfreak said...

Cool. Glad to know that they are good as far as service goes. Could have assumed you'd pick the Nostromo shirt, what with your unhealthy fascination with Aliens and all! hehe.

Thanks on the Thanos as well. He's a good friend of mine.

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