Friday, May 15, 2009


Reports are coming from everywhere that ol' Marty Scorsese is getting ready to film a biopic on The Chairman of the Board, from a screenplay by Phil Alden Robinson (Sneakers, Field of Dreams). How cool is that? I have to wonder how far Scorsese and Robinson decide to take this thing, does he go all the way through his entire life? There's surely no shortage of material, the man lived enough for two people. Six hour opus anyone?

Most sights are reporting that Scorsese wants to use his new DeNiro, Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead. This is a good move to me, I think Leo is pretty much perfect for the role. However, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Universal, the studio in charge of production, are eyeing former 21 Jump Street star Johnny Depp to play Sinatra. They both seem like good candidates, my preference of the two is Leo, but Depp ain't exactly the worst choice. He has shown some major chops in the past, if he turned in a performance anywhere near as stellar as he did in Ed Wood, I would be happy. So, fair reader, who would you choose to play Sinatra in a biopic?


Anonymous said...

This is a nightmare! You're asking us to choose between the two? It's like trying to choose between chocolate and sex! Jesus! And any woman knows that's a hard choice depending on the time of the month!

Oh hell's bells. I'll think and come back. Damn you.

Pop Newmo said...

This is easy. Leo has blue eyes which is the tie breaker. You can't play Sinatra if you don't have blue eyes. I'll take Depp as Deano though.

Anonymous said...

Good call - Leo it is. I'm glad you're around to make the decisions!

Radiation Cinema! said...

I am sensing another Raging Bull. Yep, it's Leo for sure. Watch his feel for 50s early 60s swing in Catch Me If You Can to get a perview for Sinatra. Depp, though great, might be a bit campy. I can't think of a film I have been more excited about! -- Mykal

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