Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Trip Down Memory Lane...

From the O'Choke Archives...

With more readers now than ever before, I think we should revisit some O'Choke articles from the past that weren't ever seen by anyone. I like to think we had some good stuff, so I hope that you enjoy it:

Top Twenty Films of 2008 by The Warfreak
15 Songs to Make a Macabre Mix-CD by The Warfreak
Top Ten Horror Movie Deaths by The Warfreak
Epic Baseball Uniform Fail by Pop Newmo
Baseball Players that Should be Captains by The Warfreak
Top Ten Band Names by The Warfreak
Top Ten Slashers by The Warfreak
Top 15 Horror-Themed Video Games by The Warfreak
Top Ten Canadians by The Warfreak
Top Five Horror Remakes by The Warfreak
Top Ten Aliens by The Warfreak
Top Ten Ninjas by The Warfreak
Top Twenty Zombie Films
Top Ten Robots Ever by The Warfreak
Top 15 Baseball Players (26 and Under) by The Warfreak

Also, don't forget that we have everything archived on the right-hand side of the page. Take a look at some of the old Clips of the Week, The Top Ten Albums by Decade, Newmo's baseball analysis, articles strictly dealing with horror, all of the lists from the past, Films from the Crypt, and lots more. And, if all else fails, there's always our OFFICIAL FORUM to keep you busy with forum games, film talk, baseball stuff, and lots of other crap. Check it out.

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