Friday, June 5, 2009

Cool Swag

Tyler Stout
Recently, we featured a Lost Boys print by Tyler Stout in our "Now That's Art!" section. Well, turns out that Mr. Stout has done many prints for many different movies, not to mention some concert posters (Flight of the Conchords!), and some of these can be yours. Check out Tyler's homepage here to give 'em a gander. Unfortunately, most of the best ones are sold out. But, they are fun to look at. It's seems that most of the movie prints are actually used at noneother than Austin, Texas' own Alamo Drafthouse (they get the coolest stuff).

Check out the two we've got on here. Big Trouble in Little China and Robocop. Two absolutely essential eighties flicks, given new life through Stout's great imagery. I really want these for my "man room".

Of course, there are other sites than just his own personal page that displays Tyler Stout works. You can go to The Original Winger and check out a sweet NY Knicks poster and more. Every now and then, Mondo Tees will have some of his stuff, but it seems to sell out quickly. If you're really hurtin' for some Stout, there's always eBay.


bryan said...

you had me at, big trouble little china!

i think any poster featuring Lo-Pan at the top is a must have, anything else is just "not what i'm looking for."

wiec? said...

thanks for the links to his web site. think i might spring for the Road Warrior poster.

Anonymous said...

Big Trouble in Little China is one of my favorite movies! I finally broke down and bought it this past Christmas.

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