Monday, June 22, 2009

Now That's Art!

Death Wish 3 - 1985


wiec? said...

speaking as someone who's a huge fan of this series (and Bronson in general) this movie is my absolute favorite. he goes up against a gang made up of punk rockers, Rastas, bikers, drug addicts, and vatos. in Brooklyn no less. i live in Brooklyn. there is no gang like that here but the make believe is awesome.

i have this movie memorized and the poster framed in my living room. if you haven't seen it in awhile check it out again. one of the more brutal (and hilarious) of all the Deathwishes.

The Warfreak said...

Yeah, I actually love the first three in the series, I still haven't seen part 4 (did Winner even direct it?). Great stuff!

wiec? said...

had to look it up but no Winner for the Crack Down:(

some joker named Fred Lee Thompson directed it. it's also where the series sort of really comes off the rails.

i saw pt 5 in the theatre when it came out and haven't seen it since. it was pretty awful.

B-Movie Becky said...

The third one is amazing. The old folks pullin out the revolvers. But I still like the first one the best. However, this one is a much better time.

The Crack Down and the 5th one are just terrible.

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