Thursday, April 30, 2009

Der Nazi Zombies!

Dead Snow

One of my favorite sub-genres has always been Nazi-sploitation, and even more so, Nazi-Zombie films. Unfortunately there are only a handful around, and they are notoriously bad films. It is completely under-utelized genre that lends itself to some awesome story ideas. Here's a rundown:

Shock Waves (1977)
Zombie Lake (1981)
Night of the Zombies (1981)
Oasis of the Zombies (1981)

As you can see, for such a tantalizing sub-genre there are startingly few entries. Recently though, there have been a couple of new addition to the canon. Last year's staright-to-video effort Outpost and the latest from Sweden (which comes out this year) Dead Snow.

Dead Snow looks awesome. Go here and check out the trailer. It's super exciting to the see this classic sub-sub-genre being resurrected (har har) from the dead. I'll bet the success of Call of Duty WaW's "Nazi Zombie" mode - which is the greatest bonus game ever - has helped the (small) boom, color me excited. Regardless of what the catalyst is, this is good news for everyone.


angelvamp13 said...

Even though I didn't know whatwas being said, it still looked pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

Just the poster alone is reason enough to give it a whirl.

bryan said...

I do like the movie poster, and I have to say that I'm looking forward to this one.

The Warfreak said...

It looks great. Added a couple of photos in the "Articles" section of the forum:

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