Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cool Swag

Fright-Rags The Gate Shirt

I figured I may start making posts about some of the cooler pieces of swag that I come across (and wish I could buy) on the net. I'm always finding great stuff. Kicking it off is this sweet new shirt over at FRIGHT-RAGS that showcases one of the finer movies of the 1980's, The Gate.

Fright-Rags always has good stuff. I've picked up a couple of shirts from the site and have not had any kind of hassle with them. Very prompt. The best part is they are consistently coming out with quality merchandise. They have a Zuul shirt, for crying out loud! Teriffic.


bryan said...

Oh man, I want that shirt with David Lo Pan on it!!!

Olympic Artichoke said...

I thought you'd dig that one. Haha.

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