Saturday, March 21, 2009

Clip of the Week

This is probably the best new metal band I've found in the last 5-6 years. And without question the weirdest. Enjoy.

iwrestledabearonce - "Tastes like Kevin Bacon"


bryan said...

fuck this band. and what's with the lacuna coil bridge? totally not as good as kiki's. :)

i vote for "modern day kevin bacon" as the best shitty metal lyric ever created by humans.


Pop Newmo said...

wait til you hear "Corey Feldman Holocaust", "Ulrich Firelord: Breaker of Mountains" or "Vlork: Mighty Wielder of Sheep"

Olympic Artichoke said...

This stuff is pretty phenomenal. That chick can growl like a cheetah.

Pop Newmo said...

Also, at this time, I would like to take credit for coining the phrase "Modern day Kevin Bacon". You're welcome.

Olympic Artichoke said...

This is true. That was a Pop Newmo-ism.

bryan said...

let it be said that i shall make tribute to you and to all the modern day kevin bacons of the world!

and then i'll pull your pants down and kiss you on the belly button.

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