Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pearl Jam: Ten - Deluxe/Rock Band

Pearl Jam Re-Releases Ten

Pearl Jam will be re-releasing their debut album, Ten, on March 24th of this year. It seems that there will be a few different sets to choose from. All of them will feature remixed tracks by Brendan O'Brien.

One of the editions will be the "Super Deluxe Edition" (pictured), that features 2 CDs, 1 DVD, 4 LPs. 1 Cassette (Mamason) and more. Included with the LPs is a rare, unplugged recording. That one carries a hefty price tag right around the $200 mark. Yikes. The "Deluxe Edition" features the 2-CD set plus the unplugged DVD and sells on the Pearl Jam site for $31.99. The "Legacy Edition" features just the 2-CD set for $15.99. There is also the 2-LP vinyl set that retails for $18.99 on the site. Wow. That's a lot of editions.

I haven't even mentioned what may be just as exciting, on the same date, Rock Band will be releasing the entire album of Ten as DLC. It's about time. One last thing, reports that if you pick up any of the re-release CD editions of Ten at Best Buy you'll also receive a code to download three Rock Band bonus tracks for PS3 or Xbox 360. "Brother," "Alive (live version)," and "State of Love & Trust (live version)"?? EXCELLENT!

- Jordan M.
Sulphur Springs, TX

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Josh said...

I think the radio killed this album for me.

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