Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Rays Win the Pennant!

The Rays Win the Pennant!

Just wanted to take a second to acknowledge one of the best stories of the last few years in baseball, I am talking, of course, about the worst-to-first machine that is the Tampa Bay (Devil)
Rays. How about that Evan Longoria? BJ Upton? Matt Garza? And what about that young David Price? These kids are something special. Looking forward to watching them take on the fighting Phils in the Fall Classic.

I'll tell ya, I am super impressed with this club. Especially Evan Longoria. When kids have great rookie seasons, sometimes that hit that sophomore slump the next year and never get out of it, but I think it is safe to say that this kid is for real. His post-season stats are probably a good barometer to read if he is for real or not, and his numbers are stunning.

- Jordan M.
Sulphur Springs ,TX

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