Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baseball Prediction Time


Ah, gentle reader, let me tell you of my travels. My trusty sidekick, Steve, and I have just recently returned from our trip to the mecca of everything baseball, Chitown, USA. Wrigleyville was something of a religious experience for me, reaffirming the fact that baseball is still alive and well in the conciousness of America...and it also reaffirmed that everyone from the southside is a knucklehead.

Anyway, the All Star break is almost upon us (by the way, I advise you to go to and vote 25 times -- with The Rangers in the "favorite team" slot -- to score yourself some free tix to some games in August) and it's time for me to make some bold predictions, using conjecture based on one half of the season, and my expectations for the next half. It's been a pretty wild season, but, as a certain J.P. Newman and I have figured out, we have said that for about the past five seasons of Major League Baseball.


AL Designated Hitter: Milton Bradley (if he gets enough ABs as DH)
AL Catcher: Joe Mauer
AL First Base: Kevin Youkillis
AL Second Base: Ian Kinsler
AL Short Stop: Michael Young
AL Third Base: Alex Rodriguez
AL Outfield: Ichiro
AL Outfield: Josh Hamilton
AL Outfield: Jermaine Dye

NL Pitcher: Carlos Zambrano
NL Catcher: Brian McCann
NL First Base: Lance Berkman
NL Second Base: Chase Utley
NL Short Stop: Hanley Ramirez
NL Third Base: Chipper Jones
NL Outfield: Nate McLouth
NL Outfield: Ryan Braun
NL Outfield: Matt Holliday

AL: David Murphy
NL: Geovany Soto

AL: Josh Hamilton
NL: Lance Berkman

AL: Cliff Lee
NL: Edinson Volquez

I may get a chance to list off Gold Glovers later on, but for now...

...Jordan M.
Sulphur Springs, TX

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