Monday, March 15, 2010

The Timeline Post - Slow Descent

I had to get on here and just do a mini-review of one of my new favorite albums: The Timeline Post: Slow Descent. Full disclosure: one of the members is a contributor to this site. That said, this album is still really great.

While not quite a concept album, there are certain thematic undercurrents that weave throughout the album's running time. It just so happens that those undercurrents are neatly tied up into the record's title: Slow Descent. The title is apt both musically and lyrically, as each element work together to lull the listener into an ever deepening chasm of despair and misfortune. That may sound hyperbolic, but it's difficult to listen to this record without feeling at least on some small level a sense of being lost in the dark. It's a record of beautiful questions that don't have any answers. And one that I don't think will leave my CD player for quite some time.

Go here now and purchase it for a mere $7, with free shipping.

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