Monday, February 8, 2010

The Legend of Billie Jean

On Netflix Instant Queue

Hey, gang, it's your friendly neighborhood Warfreak here to impart a little bit of awesome to you. If you are unfortunate enough not to own a VHS copy of The Legend of Billie Jean, you can cheer up because I've got good news for you. It would seem that the mail-rental giant Netflix actually has the film up for instant viewing - which is fantastic because the flick isn't even on DVD. Anyway, I just thought I'd give a heads up to any of you folks out there are geeky enough to care.

If you are completely unfamiliar with the movie, here's a brief synopsis:
When bullies trash her brother's (Christian Slater) scooter, Texas teen Billie Jean (Helen Slater) asks the ringleader's dad to pay for repairs. Instead, he attacks her, forcing the siblings to fight back. The confrontation leaves the man wounded, so Billie Jean flees and becomes a wanted fugitive as well as a media sensation. The press follows her tale, and she becomes a role model for anyone who's ever felt exploited.

Now go. Watch.

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Anonymous said...

I had a bizarre fascination with this film when I was a child--and I guess I still do (although I didn't realize it until you brought it up). I mean, not only does it have Lisa Simpson in it, it has Happy Harry Hardon (or Christian Slater, as he is more well known)! Truly an epic piece of film history. Thanks for the Netflix heads up!


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