Monday, December 7, 2009

Upcoming Film Preview: Until The Light Takes Us

Upcoming Film Preview: Until the Light Takes Us
Directed By: Aaron Aites/Audrey Ewell
Starring: Harmony Korine, Varg Vikernes, Hellhammer
Country: USA
Release Date: Winter 2009
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Plot Synopsis: Documentary "chronicling the history, ideology and aesthetic of Norwegian black metal". It looks like a better, Norwegian-focused version of Metal: A Headbanger's Journey. Hopefully someone from Gorgoroth shows up to make it a real party! In all honesty, this should be a really good picture because there is a great story built-in from the start. From church burnings, to murder, the black metal scene is pretty notorious for being insanely violent and just a little on the crazy side. Looking forward to it.


whalehead said...

i'm pretty sure there is only one showing this friday in houston and i'm going to do my best to be there.

whalehead said...

have you seen the trailer for Severed Ways? haha. i think i'll pretty much have to see that.

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