Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy O'Choke Day

The 'Choke Turns Two

Ladies and gentlemen, today is certainly a special day in the history of Olympic Artichoke. Today, July the 4th 2009, marks the second anniversary of the day that the O'Choke opened its digital doors! We just want to thank everyone that has recently joined up and followed us as we try and grow and progress, hopefully you've enjoyed some of our trivial musings. And, we implore you, gentle reader, to keep coming back as we serve up even more! If all goes according to plan, and no North Korean missles have blown me out of the sky, I'm just about to land back safely in Texas from my honeymoon in Maui. So, let's all celebrate together, and greet every one we meet with a hardy "Happy O'Choke Day!" Diggit.

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