Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Top Ten List of the Week


It's time, once again, for the top ten list of the week. And, since it's so close to Christmas, this week are going to do a top ten list of one of the greatest toys you could've ever gotten for Christmas: He-Man. That's right, while the cartoon is tripe, the figures are DA BOMB. I mean that, they had some of the coolest, most innovative action figures on the market. So, here they are, the top ten He-Man figures of ALL-TIME!!!!

10. Man-E-Faces - One of the good guys, Man-E-Faces had three, count 'em three faces that you could switch in between. This is helpful for either a disguise or to make him show a wide range of emotions.

9. Buzz Off - Originally issued in 1984, Buzz Off is the heroic Spy in the Sky. The coolest thing about him were his rubber wings and the pattented "twist and punch power". Of course, he also came with an axe and a helmet.

8. Leech - The action figure that sticks! Another part of the Horde's original line-up, I don't know why you would want an action figure that has suction cups on him, but whatever.

7. Grizzlor - Part of the original lineup for the Evil Horde in 1985, Grizzlor is one hairy 'lor. I don't know exactly what he is supposed to be, but he is beastly and has real Grizzlor fur!

6. Trap Jaw - While he doesn't possess any of the novelties that some of the latter He-Man figures are known for, Trap Jaw is super cool on his own merits. He does have a jaw like a bear trap, though.

5. Stinkor - By almost all accounts Stinkor would be a weak figure. Why, you might ask, is he listed on the top ten He-Man figures ever then? I'll tell you. 1985's Stinkor holds the title of being the world's only skunk scented action figure. That's right, he litereally stank. While, from what I remember, he really just smelt like plastic and rubber, the concept was that he was supposed to smell like a skunk. I guess that was some sort of defense for him.

4. Two Bad - Get it? Two Bad? There are two heads, and they are both bad dudes.

3. Spikor - He may seem kind of lame now, but to for me as a kid, I always wanted to play with Spikor. He was covered in rubber spikes that made for a very interesting texture and for very interesting kills. I remember that I liked to use him as a giant monster come to attack my 3 3/4" Gi Joes.

2. Skeletor - What's so cool about the Skeletor figure you might ask? Does it have spikes? Does it stink? Is it hairy? No. None of the above. But! Skeletor has a skull for a head, and that's totally rad.

1. Modulok - Two seperate creatures, or one mega creature, which do you prefer? Modulok was awesome. It came with enough pieces to form ONE THOUSAND different creatures (so said the box). One thing I didn't know was that you could combine Modulok with Multi-Bot to create AN UBER CREATURE. Wonderful. X-Entertainment has a WHOLE ARTICLE on Modulok!

-Jordan M.
Sulphur Springs, TX


bryan said...

You have the top ten best, but in case you make the top ten worst He-Man figures I would suggest Battle Cat (aka Cringer.) While it looks cool with the red armor, it has no moving arms or legs making it not so fun to play with. I wish I still had my box of He-Man toys, perhaps then those "Dune" movies we made when we were kids would have had more character! Who am I kidding? Those movies were great!

Do you remember Mossman? I recall dropping that moss covered figure in water on accident. :(

Jordan M. said...

I do remember Moss Man. Hell of a character.

None of the figures had any good articulation to them, but they were really gimmicky which made them awesome.

Btw, dig the Kiki stuff. Especially the Kevin Bacon poster. Did you get a look at my new poster?

bryan said...

hahaha oh man. that is something, something great! i want to make one where the star of the pentagram is made of dicks.

Chris said...

I totally had all of those except for Stinkor and Modulok.

Olympic Artichoke said...

Nice. Modulok was super rad. I've been thinking about splurging and buying one now...wonder how much they are on eBay....

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