Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Perhaps I should say something...

In the past I carried a small journal with me. In fact, often I carried blank journals, and simply desired to write in them. Today, I picked up a small moleskin journal and placed it in my back pocket. It has been blank for a three weeks, since I found it at the bottom of my console in my car while searching desperately for a square. Coming home from shopping I was pulling keys and such out of my pockets and placing them on my night stand, and realized that I had again pulled out the empty journal and set it on my night stand. It is odd that I carry it. It was odd that I carried close to 15 journals. I know that it is close to 15 because I am looking at over half of them in front of me right this moment. Some leather, some nicely bound, and yet some are simply classgear composition books. Perhaps I should open them, and relive them with somebody. And nobody is better than you.

Journal- Black faded Classgear Composition book. Water damaged, and held together with a dried out rubberband. It broke when I took it off.

First Entry: "Ideas"

-An idea is the complex thought the mind dances with for a moment, be it long or short. The dance with "what could be" is the satisfying feeling of adventure left untouched, unscathed by the reality which is life. Ideas contain both images of creativity and imagination. Nothing short of mental inventions which far exceed the actual inventions of man-made constructions. Perhaps and idea is so grand it could not be one's abilities. Perhaps and idea is grand that its production or completion would cause such a change in the world its impossibility and absurdity cause its very nonexistence. But these ideas or not those ideas. These ideas are collections of "brain farts". The "fart" is such a misunderstood glorious creation of the body that is misviewed as vile. The miracles that occur in each person's body which produce the brief explosion are completely forgotten. Such as with the "brain fart" The miracles of the brain working in a way to create thought are completely discarded when these ideas are spoken. Here are some more ideas.



bryan said...

haha. perhaps logan can write some more farts in your journals at beaver's bend!


Jordan M. said...

we can only hope, bryan.

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