Friday, October 31, 2014

Olympic Artichoke Radio Episode 42

Happy Halloween, dudes! We're TREATING you with our latest episode. On Episode 42 we discuss the movies Pet Sematary 2 starring Little Eddie Furlong and Phantasm II starring The Tall Man and balls! We also talk about some video games. You want to hear that.

Pet Sematary Two - d. Mary Lambert, starring Edward Furlong, Clancy Brown, Anthony Edwards

Song used in episode - The Ramones - Pet Sematary

Phantasm II - d. Don Coscarelli, starring Reggie Bannister, Angus Scrimm, James LeGros
Download here: EPISODE 42

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Olympic Artichoke Radio Episode 41

The guys are back for the next installment of their Renny Harlin Retrospective (AKA Harlin Halloween). They discuss Cleaner (2007) and 12 Rounds (2009). They also discuss some horror movies, what movies they would pick if they could program a Halloween Movie Marathon, comic books, Carrie 2, t-shirts, and a whole slew of other uninteresting things! Tune in, turn on, and Harlin up.

Cleaner (2007) - d. Renny Harlin, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Harris, Eva Mendes, and Luis Guzman

12 Rounds (2009) - d. Renny Harlin, starring John Cena and Aidan Gillen

Music used in this episode: Demon - Claudio Simonetti


Friday, August 1, 2014

Olympic Artichoke Radio Episode 40

Hey, ghouls and graboids! It's Ghoul Summer and Tremors July, so the boys talk about the most ghoulish Tremors The Series episodes. Luckily for them, they happen to be sequential! Episodes five and six are discussed, also Samurai Cop, comic books, Can't Buy Me Love, and a whole slew of other stuff. Enjoy.

Music used in this episode: The Replacements - Alex Chilton

Download the Episode Here: CLICK ME! DOWNLOAD!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Olympic Artichoke Radio Episode 39

Hey! The guys are back in action this week resurrecting Tremors July! On Episode 39, the guys discuss the first four episodes of the Tremors TV series. They also talk about what's been going on since they went on hiatus and what's in store for the future. Tune in, turn off, whatever.

Tremors Episode One: Feeding Frenzy - d. Bradford May

Tremors Episode Two: Ghost Dance - d. Whitney Ransick

Tremors Episode Three: Night of the Shriekers - d. P.J. Pesce

Tremors Episode Four: Blast from the Past - d. Michael Shapiro

I want to apologize for the sound quality on this episode, it may get a little glitchy here and there.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Olympic Artichoke Radio Episode 38

The guys are back with Episode 38! This time they talk about a couple of newer horror/thriller flicks, WNUF Hallowen Special and Berberian Sound Studio.  They also blab on and on about Philip Seymour Hoffman and the movies they enjoyed from 2013. Hear the guys' thoughts on Hollywood fare like The Wolf of Wall Street! Wonder if they liked that Bronies documentary? Look no further than this episode!  You probably want to listen to that.

WNUF Halloween Special (2013) – d. Chris LaMartina, starring Paul Farenkopf, Leanna Chamish, Richard Cutting
Berberian Sound Studio (2012) – d. Peter Strickland, starring Toby Jones, Cosimo Fusco, Antonio Mancino
 You can find WNUF on DVD here: Alternative Cinema
You can download Episode 38 HERE.
Music used in this episode: Father John Misty - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Olympic Artichoke Radio Episode 37

The guys are back and ready to celebrate Shane Black Christmas. On Episode 37, they discuss two films that were written (and one of them directed by) Shane Black: Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. How do you celebrate Shane Black Christmas? Well, by watching Shane Black movies, silly nuts. It could be Monster Squad, or Iron Man 3. Or Lethal Weapon...or Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Which is what we did. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Lethal Weapon (1988) - d. Richard Donner, starring Danny Glover, Mel Gibson, Tom Atkins, Gary Busey

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) - d. Shane Black, starring Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer, Corbin Bernsen, Michelle Monaghan

Go ahead, download EPISODE 37 HERE! Unless you're getting too old for this ish.

Music used in this episode: Bro Safari - Scumbag

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Olympic Artichoke Radio Episode 36

Hahahahappy Halloween! On this, our special Halloween Spooktacular Episode, we discuss three (count em!) films: Night of the Demons 1, Night of the Demons 2, and Night of the Demons 3. We also talk about our favorite movies to watch this time of year, and a little more about Halloween TV specials. It certainly is spooky. Eh.

Night of the Demons (1988) - d. Kevin Tenney, Starring: Amelia Kinkade, Hal Havins, Billy Gallo, Allison Barron

Night of the Demons 2 (1994) - d. Brian Trenchard-Smith, Starring: Amelia Kinkade, Cristi Harris, Darrin Heames, Christine Taylor, Merle Kennedy

Night of the Demons 3 (1997) - d. Jim Kaufman, Starring: Amelia Kinkade, Kris Holden-Ried, Tara Sloan, Gregory Calpakis

Music used in this episode: Type O Negative - Halloween in Heaven

Download EPISODE 36 HERE!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Olympic Artichoke Radio Episode 35

Hey! Bryan's back this week to talk about two new movies. And this time we actually mean new. Both of these were released this year in the good ol' US of A. We talk about the straight-to-video Curse of Chucky and the VOD (is this same thing now?) The Battery. Hopefully we will get another episode in before All Hallow's Eve comes and kills us all with a broomstick or whatever happens on that day.

The Battery (2013) - d. Jeremy Gardner, starring: Jeremy Gardner, Adam Cronheim

Curse of Chucky (2013) - d. Don Mancini, starring: Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif, Chantal Quesnelle, Jordan Gavaris

Song used in this episode: Deep Purple - Vincent Price

Download the episode by clicking here: EPISODE 35 DOWNLOAD

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Olympic Artichoke Radio Episode 34

Hello boils and ghouls! Olympic Artichoke is back! On this short episode it's just Jordan getting into the Halloween spirit with the 1986 film Witchboard. Don't worry, Bryan will be back on the next episode. And when he does come back, we will be getting into even more Halloween hijinx, because it's October, dammit, the best month of all. You get good weather, weird spooky treats, playoff baseball, and, of course, ALL HALLOW'S EVE!

Witchboard (1986) - d. Kevin Tenney, starring: Tawny Kitaen, Stephen Nichols

Music used in this episode - Unwound - Corpse Pose

Download the episode by clicking here: EPISODE 34

Monday, September 16, 2013

Olympic Artichoke Radio Episode 33

I hope everyone had a good Friday the 13th last week (and didn't DIE!!!!!11). We are back this week to discuss a little bit about the new Fall television lineup with special guest Logan, and then the two hosts discuss some more Renny Harlin goodies in Exorcist: The Beginning (2004) and The Covenant (2006).

Exorcist: The Beginning (2004) - d. Renny Harlin, starring: Stellan SkarsgÄrd, Izabella Scorupco, James D'Arcy, Remy Sweeney

The Covenant (2006) - d. Renny Harlin, starring: Steven Strait, Sebastian Stan, Toby Hemingway, Taylor Kitsch


More of the Harlin Retrospective:

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- Sincerely,
The Dudes From Your Favorite Renny Harlin Podcast

Music used: Curtis Mayfield - Sweet Exorcist
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